lunes, 9 de febrero de 2015

Adjectives and prepositions

The task for today, is about adjectives and prepositions as we have seen in the last class.

Complete the activities:

*You can look for some information about the task in the link: learning grammar (click here) or down the page.

Play a game: do you remember the food we have worked in class? enjoy your learning!

*if you finish the game you can click down the pages (games to learn english) while your classmates finish their tasks.

did you find some problems during the activities?
did you like something especially?
do you want to share some aspect of the activities?

Share your knowledge in the class forum! click here or down the pages to do it.

Warming up!

We are going to start with a warming up activities, that you can find on the right of the page, in the link: BBC learning english, or just clicking in this entry.

jueves, 29 de enero de 2015

Tasks for the course

Good morning every body,

as we have talk in class, we are going to work through this blog in which we will do some exercises related to the topics that we have seen in class at the same time that we can share our opinions, doubts or knowledge with our classmates.

enjoy your work!